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By and large, the folks in Web Services are a creative bunch. And creative people love to share. That's why we created the Web Services Blog.

Our blog collects high-level best practices and advice for web designers and developers across UChicago. Here you'll find tips and resources for basic topics like web writing and SEO keywords, to advanced matters like front-end development.

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You’ve inherited a website. Now what?

The more you can plan ahead for your site, the easier it will be to maintain.

Why your content needs governance: a tale of two clients

When working with larger organizations, content governance is a critical element of content strategy.

Designing for older adults?

We found this article that lists 7 seven key things you need to know.

Design as a Universal Language

Because technology changes so rapidly, we should use a common design language instead of referring to the technology used to solve the problem.

Content Strategy: An Overview

It’s easy for clients to focus on the visual aspects of their websites. We need to remind them to focus on the words.

How we can help researchers with data

Leyla Ismayilova, Assistant Professor, SSA, needed to get precise information about how her work is being used by families in Kazakhstan.

Notes from the Code for America Summit

I recently attended a conference that brings together innovators from hundreds of government agencies across the U.S.

Claire Micklin

Notes from BADCamp 2015

Free training at Bay-Area Drupal Camp is time well spent for Drupal developers.

An Introduction to Automated Testing with Behat

Behat is based on the principles of Behavior-Driven Development.

Gabe McElwain

Web Application Security: As Important as it Ever Was

Staying on top of the latest vulnerabilities and constantly revisiting the security of your web application code can keep you one step ahead of internet ne’er-do-wells.