The Importance of Keeping your Web Content Fresh

Fresh website content communicates personal investment in your program, product or services.

Before discussing the importance of keeping web content fresh, first let’s explore what “content” really is.  Content is more than just the text on your website.  Content is anything that acts as a communication tool; images, videos, newsletters, social media and even design are all examples of website content.     

Think for a minute about the kind of websites you like to visit regularly.  Chances are that at least one of these websites is attractive to you because there is new content to explore daily.  I’m not saying that it’s possible or even sensible for every website to manage such an aggressive update schedule.  However, we can use this lesson to think about what website visitors want to see and understand the value in making regular and impactful changes to website content to keep visitors coming back for more.

Fresh website content communicates personal investment in your program, product or services.  When it’s clear that you believe in your program, product or services, it’s much easier to convince website visitors to do the same.  Content that is both new and useful helps to convert one-time visitors into regular visitors or better yet, ambassadors/advocates.  When you deepen your relationship with your visitors, they are much more likely to share your website with their friends or colleagues, thus expanding your visitor-base.  Furthermore, exciting and informative content will encourage your visitors to pursue active engagement with your program, product or services through activities such as signing up for a newsletter, registering for a program or making a donation.

As you consider what kinds of new content to develop, make sure that you are listening to your visitors.  Our staff in Web Services can help you incorporate the needs and feedback of your visitors into effective content strategy, site architecture and design.