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Front-end Development

Front-end Development Overview

You know that feeling of awe and love you get when you pop the hood of a brand new car? When everything inside is shiny, efficient, and ready to carry you for many thousands of miles in safety, speed, and comfort?

You’ve inherited a website. Now what?

The more you can plan ahead for your site, the easier it will be to maintain.

Design as a Universal Language

Because technology changes so rapidly, we should use a common design language instead of referring to the technology used to solve the problem.

Notes from BADCamp 2015

Free training at Bay-Area Drupal Camp is time well spent for Drupal developers.

HTML Email Best Practices

Whether you choose to use an email marketing service template from Mailchimp or Emma, keep these best practices in mind as you create, manage, and send your campaigns.

Web Typography

Typography on the web is not what it used to be. Today, the web is a much friendlier place for custom fonts.

Work with your clients to get “good” design feedback

What does “good” feedback mean? (Hint: it means nothing.)

DrupalCon 2015: Los Angeles

Downtown LA hosted over 3000 Drupallers from far and wide

Information Architecture and Design

Like a city planner, the Interaction Designer creates the navigational structure of the website/application.

What to Expect from HTML Email

There is a challenging side to HTML email.