Blog: Mobile


Mobile Overview

Mobile devices are ubiquitous on campus these days.

How we can help researchers with data

Leyla Ismayilova, Assistant Professor, SSA, needed to get precise information about how her work is being used by families in Kazakhstan.

Notes from the Code for America Summit

I recently attended a conference that brings together innovators from hundreds of government agencies across the U.S.

Claire Micklin

Using Mobile Development to Enhance Research

At one of our monthly workshops, we recognized the opportunity to collaborate with the Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care.

2015 UChicago App Challenge

The UChicago App Challenge has just concluded its fourth year. Each year the app ideas get even better, and the prototypes that we are able to build in just 10 weeks are more full-featured. This year the field was dwindled from an initial pool of 120+ entrants to three finalists.