Content Strategy

Your users love it when you tell them what they're hoping to hear. Content strategy will help you get it pitch perfect.

We leave the actual writing, editing, photography, videography, etc., to you, or to our expert colleagues in UChicago Creative. However, we can assess your audience, the context of each page, and the business objectives of your site, and then provide clear guidance for creating and maintaining great content.

What exactly is a user looking for on any given page? Would a video or a slideshow convey an idea more powerfully than words? What voice and tone are right, considering your users' frame of mind while they're on your site? Who will write your content, who needs to approve it, and who will maintain it after the site launches (or re-launches)? We'll work with you to provide answers to these questions and more.

Content strategy is a part of our usual web design process, but we're happy to provide stand-alone consulting for those who build or maintain their own sites. Some content strategy services include:

Metrics and Web Content Analysis

We'll help you set up Google Analytics on an existing site, then analyze how users use your site and the content itself, and provide a report of our findings and recommendations. This can be a helpful activity both before and after a site redesign.

Content Audit

We'll thoroughly audit all content on an existing site, and provide advice about what should be revised, removed, and added. The resulting report is a great tool for informing site architecture and can give you a head start on your content map.

Content Plan

Once your site architecture is settled, we can conduct the logistical work of documenting all content necessary for the new site. We'll include recommendations for keywords, voice, and tone, and what type of content will best communicate your point. The resulting spreadsheet will also serve as a way for you to keep track of what's been written, approved, and entered on the site.

Content Templates

For the most high-profile pages on your site, we can create templates in the form of designed pages with sample content and notes to guide you.

Editorial Workflows and Schedules

Care and feeding of your website doesn't stop after launch. We can advise you on how often different types of content should be updated, and help you document who will do so.