Bedtime Learning Together

Data Project

Bridging the Gap

An educational project to improve the math skills of elementary school students.

Bedtime Math is an app that provides stories and questions for parents and children to read and discuss together. Emerging Technologies and Communications (ETC) bridged the gap between the developer of the Bedtime Math public application and the Psychology Department’s needs for collecting data reliably. At the same time, we made sure to preserve the privacy of the families in the study.  The Bedtime Math Foundation has published a mobile version of the site in the iOS App Store.

The University's Department of Psychology, led by Professor Sian Bellock and Professor Susan Levine, is conducting a study of the effectiveness of Bedtime Math’s techniques.  The five-year study began in September of 2013. ETC also rebuilt a mechanism for evaluating the actual use of the app.

Earlier this year, the study was recognized nationally.