UChicago Biosciences


A gateway to graduate programs in the Biosciences.

A holistic view of BSD graduate training programs for current and prospective students.

UChicago Biosciences is one of our custom Drupal sites. Powerful imagery of campus, students, and faculty serve to broaden outreach to prospective students and staff along with a uniqely displayed calendar of events on the home page. We combined the content related to all students and programs to make it more efficient to find what they need on the site and collaborated with UChicago Creative to develop content for parts of the site, such as the BSD breakthroughs and timeline pieces. With the goal of making a site that is more friendly and accessible to current and prospective students, we organized the site to reflect the student journey, whether they are browsing graduate programs, enrolled in a graduate program already, or weighing their career options after graduation.