UChicago Mobile

Mobile Development

Ready for iOS 9 and Android

The latest version of the UChicago Mobile App is smarter, personalized, and elegant.

Web Services recently released the Android version of the UChicago Mobile app, and updated the Apple version to accommodate iOS9. These versions build on our last major release, when we made several improvements to the app’s functionality:

  • Access to personalized content via the University portal, my.uchicago.edu
  • Prominent positioning of the app’s most popular features (news, maps, etc.)
  • Improved maps functionality, with an overlay of bus and shuttle routes

Perhaps the largest difference users will notice in this version of theUChicago Mobile App is its sleek and elegant design, a product of the mobile application development team in Web Services. An intuitive user interface has been combined with UChicago imagery, as well as a diverse yet complimentary color palette, to create more visual interest.

In the stores for iOS and Android, free of charge.